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Projects/Community Events

Look for important dates for events and upcoming projects in the RM of Fisher and District.  Please email with any information you would like added. 

Monument Project
The Monument  was assembled on June 15, 2015.  It is located on the corner of Highway 233 & Highway 17.  The GPS Co-ordinates are N51 04.973, W097 36.276.   
The large wagon wheel is 25 feet high and weighs 6,200 lbs. or 2,800 kgs.
At this time we have some solar lighting so the wheel is nicely lit up when entering Fisher Branch.  To date 2,000 square feet of our commemorative sidewalk pathway has been laid.  
The Monument Committee has plans for a Greenspace area by the monument which were drawn by a landscape architect. At this time we continue to apply for grants for the area.   Anyone interested in assisting in this endeavou please contact us.
Also on this website can be found "brick fundraiser" if you would like to purchase a brick for our pathway.   The brick orders will be taken until we have a sufficient number of bricks to make another run.
Thanks very much to Stocki Trucking for their help with our circular driveway, Fisher Branch Women's Institute for their donations to the Monument and Sidewalk Project and the countless others who have donated and assisted with our park area.
Fisher Branch is proud to be the "Hub of the Interlake".

Fisher Branch Homecoming 2024

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